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Where Does the Money Go

Project Coordinators

Jonas Severe, Adrienne Anthony, and Danielle Llopiz have developed personal relationships with the Dreamers and their families and assist them with academic and personal issues or any challenges they may face. They remain in constant contact through home visits and parent meetings. They contribute to the development and maintenance of after school programs, weekend and summer activities aimed at maintaining the Dreamers academic and social needs. They are in constant search for useful resources of community institutions, the school system, public agencies and local businesses for the benefit of the "I Have a Dream" program.


During the school year the I Have a Dream Foundation employs qualified teachers to support our Dreamers in their Academy, Enrichment, and Social needs. The foundation also has a Summer Academy for 5 weeks and again hires qualified teachers for academics and enrichment. As we are an after school program, we also have a need for supplies for our Dreamers year round.

Summer School

5 Teachers Salaries $22,000
3 Reading Coaches $20,000
Lunch/snacks $13,000
School Supplies $3,000.

College Tuition

I Have a Dream Foundation has committed to $3,000 per year for a 4 year degree for all of our Dreamers. We not only encourage its completion but are committed to help our Dreamers break the cycle of poverty by ensuring they enter a University or Accredited Trade School that will aid them in a career. Thus, allowing them to be proud and productive citizens.

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